RQ20 - Lund University's research quality evaluation 2020

Mats Benner (redaktör), Malin Bredenberg (redaktör), Freddy Ståhlberg (redaktör)

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RQ20 (Research Quality Evaluation 2020), the major research quality evaluation at Lund University, is part of a cycle of assessments done in the last two decades. RQ20 differs from the former evaluations in that it assesses the preconditions for research quality and the potential areas of elevation in all parts of the University, rather than being an evaluation of research quality. The many dimensions involved in RQ20 covers issues like how units are organised and governed, how research quality is assessed by the units themselves and their partners, how research is intertwined with education, the form and nature of societal networks, and funding strategies.Such an approach is founded on interactivity, where those assessed take an active part by clarifying how they work in their own words, and where external experts provide advice on the basis of self-assessments and other documentation of the units’ activities. Employing these methods, RQ20 also set out to examine how the university deals with five overarching issues: leadership, infrastructure, large and interdisciplinary research areas, recruitment and external engagement. Importantly, this report is not the final statement on research at Lund University nor does it provide a “silver bullet” for enhanced quality. Quality work is a never-ending process, where RQ20 is only one part of a succession of activities.
FörlagLund University
ISBN (elektroniskt)978-91-7267-434-9
ISBN (tryckt)978-91-7267-433-2
StatusPublished - 2021

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