Science - policy interfaces in impact assessment procedures

Ann-Katrin Bäcklund, Jean-Paul Bousset, Sara Brogaard, Catherine Macombe, Marie Taverne, Martin van Ittersum

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Modelling tools used in impact assessment procedures can be regarded as tools for communication between science and policy. In order to create an integrated system for modelling not only the scientific components have to be in place but also the science/policy interfaces in the assessment procedures have to be identified and their social dynamics understood.

To make a system like SEAMLESS Integrated Framework (SEAMLESS-IF) applicable in a European decision-making process interaction with potential users of the system is needed during different stages of development. We are here describing some of the interactive work performed to enable user involvement in the development of the framework and the learning that was triggered by this. The two cases presented are SEAMLESS User Forum with participants from the EU administration and the process of setting up assessments in test situations with regional administrations.

The experience obtained from these interactions form a base for the discussion as to whether the design of SEAMLESS-IF is suited to contribute to an institutionalisation of a deliberative impact assessment process.
Titel på gästpublikationEnvironmental and agricultural modelling: integrated approaches for policy impact assessment
RedaktörerFloor Brouwer, Martin van Ittersum
ISBN (elektroniskt)978-90-481-3619-3
ISBN (tryckt)978-90-481-3618-6
StatusPublished - 2010

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