“Self-created person-centred care” – a new notion in eldercare services?

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Despite the fact that eldercare services are organizationally part of social work in Sweden, the social work practice is disappearing and older people are expected to take the responsibility for their own well-being. In this context, they have to create their own sense of meaningfulness in their everyday life, despite being subject to social care services.

As part of a research programme at Linnaeus University, open semi-structured interviews were carried out with 26 older people (65+) in three different care situations: in ordinary housing, at a residential home, or in a safe living accommodation. The aim was to reveal how older people go about achieving meaningful social interactions in everyday life in the context of eldercare services.

The finding shows that older people develop strikingly similar strategies to create a sense of meaningfulness in everyday social interactions. These strategies are characterized by, in short, a selection of desired contacts, seizing the opportunity for socializing with staff while receiving care, and making the best out of activities planned in beforehand.

There is an ongoing change in eldercare services; here referred to as “self-created person-centred care”. It could be discussed whether the elderly really should be compelled to develop these strategies and it is of crucial importance to discuss what could be done. The social part of the practice of social work could be one way if “social”, among other things, means meaningful conversations and activities that are based on the elderly people’s own needs and wishes.
StatusPublished - 2021 nov. 11
Evenemang“No one will be left behind” FORSA 2021 CONFERENCE - , Island
Varaktighet: 2021 nov. 112021 nov. 12


Konferens“No one will be left behind” FORSA 2021 CONFERENCE

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  • older people, eldercare, social interaction


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