Self-desiccation and Its Importance in Concrete Technology.

Bertil Persson

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Self-desiccation occurs in all types of concrete due to the chemical shrinkage that takes place when water is attached to the cement. In High Performance Concrete the low porosity makes the effect of self-desiccation much more pronounced. This paper presents a summary of a Nordic Seminar on Self-Desiccation in Concrete held in Lund. For this purpose aspects of mix design, curing conditions, desiccation, micro-cracking, self-stresses, shrinkage and frost resistance related to self-desiccation are detailed. Initially a background is given on the principal effects of self-desiccation. This Nordic Seminar took place in Lund on 10 June 1997.
Sidor (från-till)120-129
TidskriftNordic Concrete Research
StatusPublished - 1998

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