Significant others' perceptions of being taken seriously by the Swedish Ambulance Service when the patient is assessed as non-urgent

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At least 50% of all ambulance assignments are deemed nonurgent, while 47–96% are initiated by someone other than the patient. Previous research has highlighted the importance of being taken seriously. However, additional knowledge of how significant others experience the situation when a patient is assessed as nonurgent is needed.
The aim of this study was to explore the person‐centred climate in the Ambulance Service from the perspective of significant others by means of the Person‐centred Climate Questionnaire – Family version (PCQ‐F), to psychometrically investigate the construct validity of additional items intended to measure perceptions of being taken seriously and to explore possible relationships between the person‐centred climate and these additional items.
A retrospective, explorative, cross‐sectional survey design was employed. In total, 241 questionnaires were distributed. Descriptive and comparative statistics and a factor analysis of eight items possibly constructing person‐centredness are presented.
The 100 respondents experienced the climate as very person‐centred. Relationships were found between the items that might constitute person‐centredness and the PCQ‐F. The PCQ‐F can explain perceived person‐centredness through the additional items that may constitute person‐centredness in the Ambulance Service context.
Significant others consider eight aspects of being taken seriously as the core of person‐centredness in nonurgent Ambulance Service assignments. There is a relationship between the psychosocial climate and the additional items that might constitute person‐centredness.
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TidskriftScandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences
Tidigt onlinedatum2019 dec 27
StatusPublished - 2020 dec

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