Simulation of Convective Drying of Wet Porous Materials,

A Hashimoto, Stig Stenström, T Kameoka

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A simulation model for convective drying of wet porous materials was developed. For the simulation, we measured the moisture diffusivities within them and applied a modified Dubinin-Astakhov equation to the moisture sorption data for a membrane filter. The simulation results not accounting for internal mass transfer resistance were quite different from the experimental ones. The drying characteristics calculated by a shrinking core model with effective moisture diffusivity represented a much lower drying rate and much higher temperatures, respectively, than the experimental ones. This meant that we must consider the plural moisture transport mechanisms within the samples. Therefore, we calculated the drying rate and temperatures with an apparent overall mass transfer coefficient damping with a decrease in the moisture content. The results accounting for the hygroscopic effects broadly agreed with the experimental ones by the evaluation.
Sidor (från-till)1411-1431
TidskriftDrying Technology
StatusPublished - 2003

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