Simulation of shear band development in a sand-gravel system

Aylin Ahadi, Ola Kristensson

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A Geomaterial structures always involves local inhomogeneities in the material, which give rise to shear bands in the soil structures. This phenomenon decreases the strength of the material considerable and it is the objective of this paper to study the material behaviour micromechanically or locally and then investigate global responses. The imperfections are introduced in form of stiff gravel particles embedded in the sand. The material model utilized is based on the non-associated elasto-plasticity concept with isotropic hardening law, able to represent dilation. The coupling between the local and global scales is achieved by use of a homogenization technique, in which a Representative Volume Element (RVE) is utilized. Characteristics such as bearing capacity, development of shear bands, their dependency on the material parameters, initial test conditions and mesh size are studied
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StatusPublished - 2003
EvenemangInternational Workshop on Prediction and Simulation Methods in Geomechanics - Athens, Grekland
Varaktighet: 2003 okt. 14 → …


KonferensInternational Workshop on Prediction and Simulation Methods in Geomechanics
Period2003/10/14 → …

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