Single-Crystalline Perovskite Nanowire Arrays for Stable X-ray Scintillators with Micrometer Spatial Resolution

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X-ray scintillation detectors based on metal halide perovskites have shown excellent light yield, but they mostly target applications with spatial resolution at the tens of micrometers level. Here, we use a one-step solution method to grow arrays of 15-μm-long single-crystalline CsPbBr3 nanowires (NWs) in an AAO (anodized aluminum oxide) membrane template, with nanowire diameters ranging from 30 to 360 nm. The CsPbBr3 nanowires in AAO (CsPbBr3 NW/AAO) show increasing X-ray scintillation efficiency with decreasing nanowire diameter, with a maximum photon yield of ∼5 »300 ph/MeV at 30 nm diameter. The CsPbBr3 NW/AAO composites also display high radiation resistance, with a scintillation-intensity decrease of only ∼20-30% after 24 h of X-ray exposure (integrated dose 162 Gyair) and almost no change after ambient storage for 2 months. X-ray images can distinguish line pairs with a spacing of 2 μm for all nanowire diameters, while slanted edge measurements show a spatial resolution of ∼160 lp/mm at modulation transfer function (MTF) = 0.1. The combination of high spatial resolution, radiation stability, and easy fabrication makes these CsPbBr3 NW/AAO scintillators a promising candidate for high-resolution X-ray imaging applications.

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TidskriftACS Applied Nano Materials
Tidigt onlinedatum2021 dec. 18
StatusPublished - 2022 jan. 28

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