Software selection in large-scale software engineering: A model and criteria based on interactive rapid reviews

Elizabeth Bjarnason, Patrik Åberg, Nauman bin Ali

Forskningsoutput: TidskriftsbidragArtikel i vetenskaplig tidskriftPeer review


Context: Software selection in large-scale software development continues to be ad hoc and ill-structured. Previous proposals for software component selection tend to be technology-specific and/or do not consider business or ecosystem concerns.

Objective: Our main aim is to develop an industrially relevant technology-agnostic method that can support practitioners in making informed decisions when selecting software components for use in tools or in products based on a holistic perspective of the overall environment.

Method: We used method engineering to iteratively develop a software selection method for Ericsson AB based on a combination of published research and practitioner insights. We used interactive rapid reviews to systematically identify and analyse scientific literature and to support close cooperation and co-design with practitioners from Ericsson. The model has been validated through a focus group and by practical use at the case company.

Results: The model consists of a high-level selection process and a wide range of criteria for assessing and for evaluating software to include in business products and tools.

Conclusions: We have developed an industrially relevant model for component selection through active engagement from a company. Co-designing the model based on previous knowledge demonstrates a viable approach to industry-academia collaboration and provides a practical solution that can support practitioners in making informed decisions based on a holistic analysis of business, organisation and technical factors.
Antal sidor38
TidskriftEmpirical Software Engineering
StatusPublished - 2023 feb. 28

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