Sourcing in global health supply chains for developing countries: literature review and a decision making framework

Ala Pazirandeh

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Purpose - Even though noticeable improvements have been made in global health in recent years, the distribution is uneven throughout the world and many developing and low-income countries lack access to required medicine and vaccines. Thus, a model to strategically source vaccines for these nations can contribute a great deal. This paper presents an extensive review of strategic sourcing literature, to identify the criteria and available models in making strategic sourcing decisions. The purpose is to develop a decision making framework for future empirical study of humanitarian aid networks, more specifically sourcing and distribution of vaccines in developing countries.
Design/methodology/approach – A thorough review of several purchasing and Supply Chain Management (SCM) journals was conducted to identify the strategic criteria in making sourcing decisions, hence “strategic sourcing”. In line with this, a number of sourcing strategies were reviewed to find the relevant strategic criteria. Secondary data from practice were also investigated for special characteristics of vaccine supply chains in humanitarian aid networks. Articles were then scrutinized and results categorized in order to develop a framework for future empirical studies.
Findings - The findings show the historical development of strategic sourcing and the criteria in making strategic sourcing decisions. More recent studies while taking a look back in history have revealed a mix of strategies for more flexible models. Quality has been noted to be a strategic criterion for sourcing vaccines, and this has caused the supply market to be dispersed on a global scale.
Research limitations/implications - Considering the extensive number of academic publications, due to the focus of this study being Sourcing within humanitarian aid networks, a number of academic journals in logistics/SCM/sourcing were reviewed.
Original/value of paper - A decision making framework is presented for sourcing vaccines within the humanitarian sector. The criteria in making strategic sourcing decisions are further re-evaluated and a base model proposed. The framework will be used for further research on sourcing in the humanitarian aid sector as well as practical implications.
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TidskriftInternational Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management
StatusPublished - 2011

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