Sowing Forth - 2007 Certec turns 20

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We celebrate Certec’s 20th birthday . . .

. . . by giving you a book of 20 important ideas filled with pictures and text. Each idea is expressed in a succinct heading that sums up what we have learned over the years. The ideas also act as a complement to all the reports, website cover pages, brochures, lectures and annual reports. There are 30,000 documents at that provide the background to this book (many of them are also available in English at, but we have decided to refrain from putting in all the links and to emphasize the core ideas instead.

When we are in the process of designing useworthy technology for everyday use in close cooperation with the people who will be utilizing it, there is seldom a quick fix. Behind the results achieved you will find an ongoing development of theory and methodology. Even though we usually let the artifacts and results speak for themselves from the perspective of the people directly affected, we are well aware of how underlying paradigms influence what is actually accomplished. And what is not accomplished.
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StatusPublished - 2007

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