Structural analysis and the process of economic development: essays in memory of Lennart Schön

Jonas Ljungberg (redaktör)

Forskningsoutput: Bok/rapportAntologi (redaktör)ForskningPeer review


Economic development is full of discontinuities. Mainstream economists perceive these as external disturbances to a natural state of equilibrium, but this book argues that much of the discontinuities are part of economic development, suggesting that patterns can be understood with structural analysis.

Structural Analysis and the Process of Economic Development presents a detailed analysis of the trajectory of Swedish economic change since the nineteenth century. The emergence of structural analysis in economic research is reviewed, as well as a chapter devoted to development blocks, a key concept that was outlined in the 1940s and that has much in common with the more recent notions ‘techno-economic paradigms’ and ‘general-purpose technologies’. Structural analysis and the major contributions by Schön are introduced in this book. Also highlighted is Sweden’s integration into the international economy via the nineteenth century capital markets, along with structural analysis as a tool for understanding climate change. The recent technique of wavelet analysis and its potential for structural analysis is demonstrated in a non-technical chapter.

This book is suitable for those who are interested in and study political economy, economic history and European history.
UtgivningsortNew York
Antal sidor194
ISBN (elektroniskt)9781315657042
ISBN (tryckt)9781138101302, 9781138208650
StatusPublished - 2016


NamnRoutledge frontiers in political economy

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