Sustainable Welfare beyond Growth

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A deprioritization of economic growth in policy making in developed nations will need to be part of a global effort to tackle climate change and reembed economy and society into planetary boundaries. The presentation introduces the concept of 'sustainable welfare', which integrates environmental sustainability and social welfare research. Central to this concept is the notion of human needs and how these could be satisfied for everyone, now and in future, within planetary limits and beyond growth.

The contribution presents recent research results, addresses structural challenges to degrowth and sustainable welfare such as the hegemony of the growth paradigm and the manifold and complex links between growth, existing societal institutions and agency. It proposes that deliberative and participatory forums can help critically review present needs satisfiers, behaviours, and infrastructures, and lead to adaptations in long-term policy planning.
StatusPublished - 2019 mars 13
EvenemangKela Seminar Series - Kela, Helsinki, Finland
Varaktighet: 2019 mars 132019 mars 13


SeminariumKela Seminar Series

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