Swedish Art History: A Selection of Introductory Texts

Ludwig Qvarnström (redaktör)

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This is the first extensive overview of Swedish art history written in English. The essays by Swedish scholars of art history present a broad and varied collection of texts including periodic overviews that cover prehistorical times to the 21st century, as well as thematic studies that introduce discussions on everything from political contexts, artist groups and organizations to aspects of gender, race, ethnicity and nationality. The reader is invited to a range of Swedish objects of study from rock carvings, political posters and contemporary performance art to medieval churches and railway stations. Each of the eighteen contributors gives their unique viewpoint on the subject and as a result, Swedish Art History invites you into a mosaic of possible readings on the visual culture of Sweden.
We are proud to be able to present this book as an open access publication and hope that it will come in handy in the teaching of Swedish art history internationally. The anthology contains twenty essays and is richly illustrated with 226 colour plates.
FörlagLund Studies in Arts and Cultural Sciences
Antal sidor250
ISBN (tryckt)978-91-983690-6-9
StatusPublished - 2018


NamnLund Studies in Arts and Cultural Sciences
ISSN (tryckt)2001-7529
ISSN (elektroniskt)2001-7510

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