Teachers’ sentiment about physical appearance of school students correlated with student-teacher relationship quality and bullying victimization

Claudio Longobardi, Shanyan Li, Nathaniel Oliver Iotti, Tomas Jungert, Matteo Angelo Fabris

Forskningsoutput: KonferensbidragKonferensabstractPeer review


Introduction: Students’ characteristics, including both mental and physical
characteristics, are important factors for their teachers to form sentiments about
them. Compared to mental characteristics, students’ physical appearance
characteristics, which may also have an influence on student-teacher
relationship quality and school bullying victimization, are less explored. In this
study, the relationships among teachers’ sentiment about students’ physical
appearance, student-teacher relationship, and school bullying victimization
were examined.
Method: Participants (1123 students and 72 teachers) were recruited from 13
primary and secondary schools in northern Italy. The final valid participants were
1081 students and 71 teachers. Students reported their involvement in bullying
victimization by filling out the Adolescent Peer Relations Instrument. Teachers
rated relationship quality with their students by filling out the Student-Teacher
Relationship Scale, and reported their sentiments about students’ physical
appearance by answering an open-end question (“What physical
characteristics of this child are particularly noteworthy, in a positive or negative
sense?”, analyzed by using the NRC Emotion Lexicon. Correlation analysis and
mediation analysis with a multi-categorical antecedent were conducted in SPSS.
Results: Students whose physical appearance were positively described tended
to have closer (r = 0.24, p < 0.001) and less conflictual (r = -0.09, p < 0.05)
relationships with their teachers, while those negatively described tended to
have more conflictual (r = 0.17, p < 0.001) and less closer (r = -0.18, p < 0.001) relationships. Mediation analyses further revealed that student-teacher
relationship conflict plays a mediating role in the relationship between receiving
negative evaluations on physical appearance and students’ bullying
victimization involvement.


KonferensWorld Anti-Bullying Forum
Förkortad titelWABF 2021

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  • Psykologi (exklusive tillämpad psykologi)


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