Teamwork in home care nursing: A scoping literature review

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Due to an increased number of complex multi- and long-term ill patients, healthcare and nursing provided in patients' homes are expected to grow. Teamwork is important in order to provide effective and safe care. As care becomes more complex, the need for teamwork in home care nursing increases. However, the literature on teamwork in the patients' home environment is limited. The aim of this study is to describe the scope of the current literature on teamwork in home care nursing and outline needs for future research. Seven electronic databases were systematically searched and 798 articles were identified and screened. Seventy articles remained and were assessed for eligibility by two of the authors. Eight themes were identified among the 32 articles that met the inclusion criteria. Studies concerned with teamwork regarding isolated tasks/problems and specific teamwork characteristics were most common. Methods were predominantly qualitative. Multiple method approaches and ethnographic field studies were rare. Descriptions of the context were often lacking. The terms ‘team’ and ‘teamwork’ were inconsistently used and not always defined. However, it is apparent that teamwork is important and home care nurses play a crucial role in the team, acting as the link between professionals, the patient and their families. Future studies need to pay more attention to the context and be more explicit about how the terms team and teamwork are defined and used. More research is also needed regarding necessary team skills, effects of teamwork on the work environment and technology-mediated teamwork.

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TidskriftHealth and Social Care in the Community
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StatusPublished - 2022 nov.

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