The 21st Century Voice, 1st edition: Contemporary and and Traditional Extra-Normal Voice

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The 21st Century Voice is a unified and comprehensive examination of extra-normal vocal production. This work addresses history, science, and religion and documents a wide variety of compositional and performance trends as it explores the seemingly limitless possibilities of the human voice in the 21st Century.

Arranged into ten chapters according to the functional components of voice, the text is written in a style that makes it accessible to an interdisciplinary audience. Appendices provide the reader with a glossary of terms, representative compositions, and an introduction to the concept of voice science. The study is further elucidated by an audio CD featuring unorthodox samples produced by some of the world's leading vocal practitioners.

By engaging the insights offered by linguistics, acoustics, theatre, as well as electronic and biological sciences, The 21st Century Voice will ultimately unbind the reader's traditional conceptions of vocal potential and enable him or her to undertake an enriched exploration of the voice.
UtgivningsortLanham, Maryland
FörlagScarecrow Press
Antal sidor197
ISBN (tryckt) ISBN-13: 978-0810853546 , ISBN-10: 081085354X
StatusPublished - 2005


NamnThe New Instrumentation

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  • Musik
  • Pedagogik


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