The Adsorption Behavior of Proteins at an Interface as related to their Emulsifying Properties

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The emulsifying properties of proteins have been a subject concern for those dealing with functional properties of proteins. The studies so far have been restricted to two main approaches: emulsifying capacity and emulsion stability measurements. The former measures the maximum oil addition until inversion or phase separation of the emulsion occurs, whereas the latter measures the ability of the emulsion to remain unchanged. variety of empirical methods has been used, which makes it difficult to compare the results obtained by different authors. Not only methods of measurement vary, but also the way the emulsions are prepared, which strongly influences the properties of emulsions formed (1). As protein stabilized emulsions are usually very stable and the adsorption of proteins at interfaces can be considered as mainly irreversible, the emulsifying properties of the proteins during the emulsification process become increasingly important in determining the properties of the emulsion formed.
Titel på värdpublikation Functionality and Protein Structure
Redaktörer Pour-El
ISBN (elektroniskt)9780841206151
StatusPublished - 1979


NamnACS Symposium Series

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