The Difference in Subjective Experience Related to Acoustic Treatments in an Ordinary Public Room: A Case Study

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In ordinary public rooms absorbent ceilings are normally used. However, reflective material such as diffusers can also be useful to improve the acoustic performance for this type of environment. In this study, different combinations of absorbers and diffusers have been used. The study investigates whether a test group of 29 people perceived sound in an ordinary room differently depending on the type of treatment. Comparisons of the same position in a room for different configurations as well as different positions within one configuration were made. The subjective judgements were compared to the room acoustic measures T20, C50 and G and the difference in the values of these parameters. It was found that when evaluating the different positions in a room, the configuration including diffusers was perceived to a greater extent as being similar in the different positions in the room when compared to the configuration with absorbers on the walls. It was also seen that C50 was the parameter that mainly affected the perception, with the difference needing to be 2 dB to recognize a difference. However, the room acoustic measurements could not fully explain the differences obtained in perception. In addition, the subjective sound image created by different types of treatments was also shown to have an important impact on the perception.
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StatusPublished - 2021 juni 18

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