Enteroskopikapseln- sväljbart engångsinstrument för videoundersökning av tunntarmen

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Since 1,5 years wireless enteroscopy with the
GivenM2A-capsule has been tested clinically. Wireless capsule-enteroscopy (WCE) has already contributed significantly to the understanding of patients with obscure intestinal symptoms. Series of occult bleeders show that WCE detects lesions in 60%, whereas enterography only in 15%, and push-enteroscopy in 25%. Lesions detected are angiodysplasia in 55%, ulcerations in 14%, aphtoid lesions and erosions in 11%, tumours in 8%. Active bleeding was seen in 43%.
In patients with Crohn’s disease further information on extent of disease and type of lesions is gained, mainly seen as erosions in 64%. WCE in hereditary polyposis disclosed more and bigger lesions, and in celiac enteropathy villous atrophy and scalloping of the mucous membrane is readily identified. Software to locate the capsule in the gastrointestinal tract is recently launched together with a graphic display of capsule track and transit times. Soon displays for motility and pressure will follow. Capsule adaptation for screening for Barrett’s esophagus and colon cancer might come true.
Bidragets titel på inmatningsspråkThe enteroscopy capsule--a swallowable instrument for video examination of the small bowel
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StatusPublished - 2002

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