The evolution of the packaging logistics research area

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Logistics can be regarded as an established research area containing publications in renowned scientific journals and which covers several related fields. One of them, packaging logistics, is a relatively new research area, established at only a few universities and institutes. Consequently, the packaging logistics area is characterised by scattered theoretical frameworks and publications are scarce. Theory in packaging logistics is often delimited to packaging, focusing either on technological aspects e.g. packaging features, or on marketing aspects, e.g. branding. The holistic view of packaging logistics related to overall business systems is however, neither covered by researchers, nor included in related scientific journals.
The aim of this paper is to describe the evolution of the packaging logistics research area based on an evolution model by Reid (1997). Based on that model the paper illustrates reasons for establishing the research area and further inspired the description of the present framework of packaging logistics ten years after its establishment at Lund University. The paper also specifies where current research is heading.
The process used facilitates better understanding of the evolution of the research area, both in the local community and in the discipline. The research area develops from an interaction between the subjects of logistics and packaging, into the present cross-disciplinary research, integrating several theoretical fields. Intensified research and publication, although still inconsistent, indicate the increased awareness and dissemination of the research area. Finally, packaging logistics is proposed as being included as an integrated part in logistics research and practice.
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RedaktörerArni Halldorsson, Gunnar Stefansson
StatusPublished - 2007
Evenemang19th Annual NOFOMA Conference, 2007 - Reykjavik, Island, Reykjavik, Island
Varaktighet: 2007 jun 72007 jun 8
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Konferens19th Annual NOFOMA Conference, 2007

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