The Extra-Normal Voice

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This chapter presents an overview of new developments in vocal exploration. Beginning with a discussion of multiple parameters involved in voice production, this chapter identifies the crucial role that non-linear phenomena has in the performance of the extra-normal voice. In this article, two related taxonomies are presented (source production related to degree of voicing; emphases within the acoustic framework of power, source, resonance, and articulation) that may be used as powerful generative tools for the production of multiple sound sources, filtering processes, and aerodynamic effects, etc. The paper then posits how scaled, multidimensional networks may be used to intelligently explore all elements of the acoustic sound production apparatus and not solely articulation, as is seen with some proponents of complex networks. In this discussion, it will be presented how fully scaling each parameter space will encompass far reaching benefits by engaging with little traversed regions of the total vocal topography.
Titel på värdpublikationThe Oxford Handbook of Singing
RedaktörerGraham Welch, David Howard, John Nix
FörlagOxford University Press
ISBN (tryckt)9780199660773
StatusPublished - 2019

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