The Foundations of Female Empowerment Revisited

Claude Diebolt, Faustine Perrin

Forskningsoutput: Bidrag till övrig tidskrift/dags- eller nyhetstidningArtikel i facktidskrift eller populärpressPopulärvetenskap


This paper lays the foundations of the analysis of the relationship between gender equality and economic growth. The study of this long-run relationship aims at providing a better understanding of the mechanisms and determinants underpinning the development process which allowed economies to move out of a long period of stagnation into a state of sustainable economic growth. Our scientific objective is to check the validity of the central hypothesis that improving gender equality is a key ingredient of the demographic transition and of the process of socio-economic development.
SpecialistpublikationRevue d'Economie Politique
StatusPublished - 2014
Externt publiceradJa

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