The Future of U.S. Public Diplomacy: An Uncertain Fate, Kathy R. Fitzpatrick

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‘The Future of U.S. Public Diplomacy’ is a welcome addition to critical studies within the field of public diplomacy (PD) by public relations (PR) scholar Kathy Fitzpatrick. The monograph aims to untangle many of PD’s historical misconceptions and contribute to the development of its conceptual foundations through an examination of the U.S. experience. In truth, the interaction between the discussions of concepts and the discussions of the U.S. experience are disjointed; on the one hand because many of the key conceptual issues can only really be resolved through comparative analysis, and on the other because the U.S. material demands a stronger conceptual framework. Nonetheless, as a whole this work is an important contribution to the PD field for a variety of reasons, and will be of practical use to graduate students, researchers, and policymakers.
VolymFall 2012
SpecialistpublikationGlobal Media Journal
StatusPublished - 2012 dec. 31
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