The international court of justice in furthering the justiciability of human rights

Jonas Grimheden

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    This collection is intended to serve as a thematic textbook on the institutions and procedures devoted to the national implementation of human rights and to the international monitoring of State performance. Albeit not exhaustive, the coverage extends to most of the monitoring instances available at intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations: complaints, fact-finding and investigative procedures, State reporting obligations, good offices actions, dialogue functions, human rights education, dissemination of human rights information, letter campaigns, and technical co-operation.
    The target audience of the book is students of international human rights law, but the book can also serve as a guide for both officials and activists involved in the realization of human rights.
    Titel på gästpublikationInternational human rights monitoring mechanisms: essays in honour of Jakob Th. Möller
    RedaktörerGudmundur Alfredsson, Jonas Grimheden, Bernard G. Ramcharan, A. de Zayas
    FörlagMartinus Nijhoff Publishers
    ISBN (tryckt)9041114459
    StatusPublished - 2001

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