The Jurassic of Skåne, Southern Sweden

Anders Ahlberg, Ulf Sivhed, Mikael Erlström

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In Sweden, Jurassic strata are restricted to Skåne and adjacent offshore areas. Jurassic sedimentary
rocks predominantly comprise sandy to muddy siliciclastics, with subordinate coal beds and
few carbonate-rich beds. During Mesozoic times, block-faulting took place in the Sorgenfrei–
Tornquist Zone, a tectonic zone which transects Skåne in a NW–SE direction. The Jurassic depositional
environments in Skåne were thus strongly influenced by uplift and downfaulting, and to
some extent by volcanism. Consequently, the sedimentary record reveals evidence of numerous
transgressions, regressions and breaks in sedimentation. Relative sea-level changes played a significant
role in controlling the facies distribution, as deposition mainly took place in coastal plain
to shallow shelf environments.
The alluvial deposits in Skåne include floodplain palaeosols, autochthonous coals, overbank
sandstones, and stream channel pebbly sandstones. Restricted marine strata comprise intertidal
heteroliths with mixed freshwater and marine trace fossil assemblages, and intertidal delta distributary
channel sandstones. Shallow marine sediments encompass subtidal and shoreface sandstones
with herringbone structures, and bioturbated mudstones with tempestite sandstones.
Offshore deposits typically comprise extensively bioturbated muddy sandstones.
Floral remains, palaeopedology, clay mineralogy and arenite maturity indicate a warm and
humid climate in Skåne throughout the Jurassic, possibly with slightly increasing aridity towards
the end of the period. Most Jurassic strata in Skåne have been subjected to mild burial diagenesis,
and the petroleum generative window has rarely been reached.
Sidor (från-till)527-541
TidskriftGeological Survey of Denmark and Greenland Bulletin
StatusPublished - 2003

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