The magnetic force generation in magnetomotive ultrasound imaging

Tim C. Kranemann, Maria Evertsson, Georg Schmitz

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In magnetomotive ultrasound imaging, the tissue displacement due to a magnetic force on embedded magnetic nanoparticles is measured. It was previously shown that the nanoparticle contrast agent exhibits a non-linear magnetization characteristic, which is also reflected in the magnetomotive force. However, this non-linearity was rarely taken into account for the application. Here, the implications of the assumption of a linear and a nonlinear static magnetization characteristic were contrasted by analytic calculations. The calculations were restricted to the typical scenario of an excitation with a magnetic field generator fed with a single current consisting of only a sinusoidal and a DC component. Due to this waveform of the excitation current, the description of the force was carried out with the coefficients of a Fourier series. It was evident that nonlinear saturation of the particles is the preferred operating point for the application, as forces relative to particle concentration are maximized. Further, the excitation current can be chosen with or without a DC component to excite a force of approximately the same magnitude at the single or double frequency of the excitation current. The calculations thus contribute to the profound understanding of the magnetomotive force. The calculations can further be used to match magnetic fields and nanoparticles. Future work is expected to include the dynamic magnetization properties of the contrast agent.

Titel på värdpublikationIUS 2020 - International Ultrasonics Symposium, Proceedings
FörlagIEEE Computer Society
ISBN (elektroniskt)9781728154480
StatusPublished - 2020
Evenemang2020 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, IUS 2020 - Las Vegas, USA
Varaktighet: 2020 sep. 72020 sep. 11


NamnIEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, IUS
ISSN (tryckt)1948-5719
ISSN (elektroniskt)1948-5727


Konferens2020 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, IUS 2020
OrtLas Vegas

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