The migrations of Finnish Bean Geese Anser fabalis in 1978 - 2011.

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Bean Geese Anser fabalis have been neck-banded extensively
in the breeding areas in northern Finland during
two periods: 1978–1994 and 2002–2009. The observations
of these geese showed marked differences in timing
of migration and location of wintering and staging
areas between the two periods. The Bean Geese stayed
further to the north in south Sweden during the autumn
in the latter period and arrived later to wintering areas in
southernmost Sweden. Moreover they did not go to the
Netherlands and western Germany during cold winters in
the second as they did in the first period. Spring migration
started earlier in the second period. Most patterns revealed
by the Finnish neck-banded geese were the same
as those shown by the Bean Geese in general as observed
by the national goose counts in southern Sweden.
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TidskriftOrnis Svecica
StatusPublished - 2011

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