The origin of the Mendelian Society in Lund and the start of Hereditas.

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The Mendelian Society in Lund was founded in 1910. The initiative came from two young biologists supported by a wide circle of interested plant breeders and academics. Already from the start the society was dominated by the towering personality Herman Nilsson-Ehle. After two active years, the Society went into temporal hibernation until it resumed its activities in spring 1916, when Nilsson-Ehle was on his way to become Sweden's first professor of genetics. One of the aims of the Society was to launch a scientific journal for local scientists directed at an international audience. After a successful fundraising campaign, Hereditas was started in 1920. One of the original instigators of the Mendelian Society, Robert Larsson, became its first editor, and he remained in this position for more than 30 years. Both he and Nilsson-Ehle were fascinating personalities, deeply rooted in their time's scientific and ideological debates.
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StatusPublished - 2014

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