The population of metastable states as a probe of relativistic-energy fragmentation reactions

A.M. Denis Bacelar, A.M. Bruce, Zs. Podolyák, N. Al-Dahan, M. Górska, S. Lalkovski, S. Pietri, M.V. Ricciardi, A. Algora, N. Alkhomashi, J. Benlliure, P. Boutachkov, A. Bracco, E. Calore, E. Casarejos, I.J. Cullen, A.Y. Deo, P. Detistov, Zs. Dombradi, C. Domingo-PardoM. Doncel, F. Farinon, G.F. Farrelly, H. Geissel, W. Gelletly, J. Gerl, N. Goel, J. Grȩbosz, Robert Hoischen, I. Kojouharov, N. Kurz, S. Leoni, F. Molina, D. Montanari, A.I. Morales, A. Musumarra, D.R. Napoli, R. Nicolini, C. Nociforo, A. Prochazka, W. Prokopowicz, P.H. Regan, B. Rubio, Dirk Rudolph, K.-H. Schmidt, H. Schaffner, S.J. Steer, K. Steiger, P. Strmen, T.P.D. Swan, I. Szarka, J.J. Valiente-Dobón, S. Verma, P.M. Walker, H. Weick, H.J. Wollersheim

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Isomeric ratios have been measured for high-spin states in Po-198,200,206,208(84), At-208,209,210,211(85), Rn-210,211,212,213,214(86), Fr-208,211,212,213,214(87), Ra-210,211,212,214,215(88), and Ac-215(89) following the projectile fragmentation of a 1 AGeV U-238 beam by a Be-9 target at GSI Helmholtzzentrum fur Schwerionenforschung. The fragments were separated in the fragment separator (FRS) and identified by means of energy loss and time-of-flight techniques. They were brought to rest at the centre of the RISING gamma-ray detector array and intensities of gamma rays emitted in the decay of isomeric states with half-lives between 100 ns and 40 mu s and spin values up to 55/2 (h) over bar were used to obtain the corresponding isomeric ratios. The data are compared to theoretical isomeric ratios calculated in the framework of the abrasion-ablation model. Large experimental enhancements are obtained for high-spin isomers in comparison to expected values. (C) 2013 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
Sidor (från-till)302-306
TidskriftPhysics Letters. Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics
StatusPublished - 2013

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  • Subatomär fysik


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