Telemonopolens strategier : en studie av telekommunikationsmonopolens strategiska beteende vid liberalisering av teleoperatörsbranschen

Sten-Åke B Carleheden

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In this thesis the strategic behaviour of the three operators (Televerket/Telia, PTT Telecom and BT) on strong technological development and deregulation of the business during a period of fifteen years have been described, interpreted and analysed. Some thirty more operators have also been investigated in this respect - however not in depth. The strategic behaviour of the operators have been compared with the behaviour of the operators of the companies in three other businesses.

The ananlysis was carried through along two dimensions. In the one dimension the strategic orientation is focused and in the other the strategic method. In this way the PTOs could be classified. The analysis revealed that the PTOs changed their strategies in response to environmental shifts. It further revealed that the PTOs had to pass through certain phases which formed a pattern and could be expressed in terms of Domain defence, Domain offence and Domain creation. In their basic behaviour the PTOs showed great similarities in spite of differences in their prerequisites. On a more detailed level also differences emerged. A comparison between the operator business and the other three industry groupings proved great similarities in the basic behaviour. On a more detailed level the similarities became primarily industry/group specific.
Bidragets titel på inmatningsspråkThe strategies of the public telephone organisations - the PTOs. A study pf the strategic behaviour of the PTOs on liberalizing the telecom operator business.
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Tilldelningsdatum1999 mar 12
Tryckta ISBN91 - 7966 - 556 - X
StatusPublished - 1999

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Date: 1999-03-12
Time: 10:15
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Name: Thorngren, Bertil
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