The Trade Network of Textiles and Clothing Past the ATC

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Despite increased globalization since the 1980s in many sectors remained the textile and clothing trade regulated through countryspecific import quotas. In 2005, they were terminated by the Agreement
on Textiles and Clothing (ATC). Subsequently it was expected that mostly China would gain in worldwide exports while preferentially treated countries and countries facing fewer restrictions would notice
decreases in exports. These included developing countries, Southern Asia, as well as Turkey, Mexico, or Central and Eastern Europe. At the same time a higher concentration of exports on key countries and a decline in transshipping were foreseen. This study analyzes the mediumterm changes by comparing the period before the ATC´s ending (1994 to 2004) to the subsequent period (2005 to 2011). As a novelty, it uses network analysis and value-added trade data.
Tilldelningsdatum2017 jun 5
StatusPublished - 2017 jun 5

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