The wholeness of a cybernetican

Lars Löfgren

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It is our impression that Gordon Pask’s writings cover fundamentals for large parts of the widely expanding fields of Cybernetics and Systems Theory. Thereby, and by his lecturing activities, he has become a unique figure in maintaining a kind of unity of the field of Cybernetics, well in accord with Wiener’s view (“control and communication in the animal and the machine”; cf[26]). And that, with fresh ideas, sometimes very personal, sometimes very general, and always very interesting.

In this subjective review of a fragment of Pask´s writings, notably within cybernetics, we will, in part, try to account for some of his earlier insights into how we judge the behaviour of an artefact (machine) in relation to that of a living organism (animal). And, partly, for his later-conceived conversation theory. Some problems revealed in the latter theory, like how we-in-a-conversation can represent a real behaviour, may well connect back to Pask´s earlier studies into the problem whether we can produce artefacts (including thought models) of our behaviours as living beings.
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TidskriftSystems Research
StatusPublished - 1993

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