Thinking teaching with corona/covid 19 – echoes in empty hallways

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2020’s spring term was dramatic. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy some drama, and our U-turn from classroom to online teaching had some dramatic flair. There was a definite sparkle of ‘Yes we can’ (over more damp notes of panic in the online teaching novice – ‘how does that work? Why does everything take so long?’).
While I learned to handle the basics of preparing a video lecture, other forms of drama filled the news and the feeds: much less joyful ones. So many stories, so many lives; suffering, pain, violence, both structural and direct. I keep wondering, now at the end of the term, how these news feeds affect students, the students I have not-met this term and in a broader sense those students-who-are, students-who-might-be, students-who-cannot-be?
Here are some of the stories that have haunted me, this early summer 2020.
Kort beskrivningThe text asks what we can take with us into the fall term, and beyond, learning from the experience of living and teaching in crisis - the corona crisis, the crisis of racism, and the many other related crises that affect us as students and as teachers.
UtgivningsformatBlog Feminist Perspectives on Covid-19
StatusPublished - 2020 juni 23

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Dr. Irina Schmitt works as senior lecturer at the Department of Gender Studies in Lund. Irina’s research engages queer- and trans-feminist scholarship and activism, currently with a study centering young trans and non-binary people’s experiences of and demands for change in school in Sweden.

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  • queer
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  • trickle-up education
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