Transplante de fração total de células mononucleares ou fração vascular estromal associada à membrana celulósica em feridas cutâneas experimentais de coelhos

Tiago Luis Eilers Treichel, Marina Gabriela Monteiro Carvalho Mori da Cunha, João Paulo Monteiro Carvalho Mori da Cunha, Eduardo de Bastos Santos, Paulo de Tarso de Oliveira Leme, Márcio Machado Costa, Ney Luis Pippi, Sônia Teresinha dos Anjos Lopes, Rafael Almeida Fighera, Maurício Borges da Rosa

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The skin presents various important functions to the organism. The maintenance of its integrity is fundamental, among others, to prevent penetration of microorganisms and exit of liquids essential to life maintenance. Due to its constant environment exposure, the skin is highly susceptible to trauma which can result solutions of continuity. The healing of wounded skin should be fast and many alternatives are searched for, aiming to reduce repair time and to guarantee a functional and esthetically acceptable scar. One option to repair injured tissues which is ever more viable is cellular therapy with adult stem cells. The aims of this study consisted in evaluating the transplant of total mononuclear cell fraction (TMCF) from bone marrow (BM) or stromal vascular fraction (SVF) from adipose tissue (AT), associated with the use of cellulose membrane. To carry out this experiment, 20 rabbits were randomly divided in four groups with five animals each. After induction of the experimental cutaneous wound, Group A did not receive any treatment; group B received only cellulose membrane; and groups C and D, in addition to receiving the membrane, were submitted to autologous transplant of TMCF, with total cell value between 6,92 x 106 and 4,91 x 107 and a viability of 82 to 97% or SVF, with total cell value between 9,6 x 105 and 6,5 x 106 and a viability of 66 a 87%, respectively. At the end of the evaluation period, the three treated groups presented significant statistical difference of wound area in relation to the control group, and the group which received SVF from adipose tissue presented the shortest wound healing time.

Bidragets översatta titel Total fraction of mononuclear cell or stromal vascular fraction transplant associated with cellulosic membrane in experimental cutaneous wounds in rabbits
Sidor (från-till)62-72
Antal sidor11
TidskriftBrazilian Journal of Veterinary Research and Animal Science
StatusPublished - 2011 maj 31
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  • Veterinärmedicin


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