Towards a set of eXtreme teaching practices

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Many universities have experienced an increase in the intake of students and at the same time cuts in the budgets for teaching. Many teachers have experienced that, for a number of reasons, they have to adjust their teaching or a course with short notice. These facts pose a challenge to the teachers’ agility in adapting to changes – and in doing it in a cost efficient way.
We propose eXtreme Teaching (XT) as a framework that allows teachers to focus on experimenting with and improving their teaching techniques without compromising quality. The framework and the associated practices provide quick, accurate feedback that the teacher can act on. eXtreme Teaching will allow better student learning, better relationships with the students, increased interaction and development of the staff involved, less risk – and probably happier staff members.
In this paper, we describe the eXtreme Teaching framework and its nine practices.
StatusPublished - 2005
EvenemangThe 5th International Conference on Computer Science Education - Koli, Finland
Varaktighet: 2005 nov. 172005 nov. 20


KonferensThe 5th International Conference on Computer Science Education

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