Transportation of Dangerous Goods: A Multiple Stakeholder Analysis for Improved Efficiency and Safety through Information Sharing

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The purpose of this study is to increase the understanding of multiple stakeholders’ needs, benefits and challenges, with a focus on information sharing, to improve efficiency and safety in the transportation of dangerous goods by road, rail, and sea.

Inspired by grounded theory, this study is based on 21 semi-structured interviews with stakeholders representing authorities and consignor to consignee in transportation of dangerous goods in Sweden.

The study identifies the need for information sharing in connection with enforcement controls, digital dangerous goods declarations and operational support regarding regulations. However, several stakeholders seem to lack incentives to recognise these needs, which is a challenge as it leads to an absence of investment interest and a lack of adoption of ICT (information and communications technology) solutions.

Research limitations/implications
Although many stakeholders have an international perspective, this study is limited to a Swedish context. Further research needs to cover international authorities and add a legal perspective to information sharing.

Practical implications
The outcome of this study can serve as input into the development of ICT solutions and associated incentive models to improve the management of transportation of dangerous goods.

Social implications
Discussions are ongoing at the UN level about introducing requirements for telematics in dangerous goods regulations for road and rail. This study provides a structured overview of needs and challenges which could provide input into policy discussions.

This study complements previous research by providing new empirical findings from multiple stakeholders on needs, benefits, challenges and incentives regarding information sharing in the transportation of dangerous goods.
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StatusPublished - 2015 juni 5
EvenemangNOFOMA 2015 - University of Molde, Molde, Norge
Varaktighet: 2015 juni 32015 juni 5


KonferensNOFOMA 2015

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