Understanding European Regional Diversity - Lessons learned from Case Studies

Ann-Katrin Bäcklund, Anett Schenk, Florence Atger, Marc Benoit, Vanessa Jacques, Magali Lacam, Karin Berkhoff, Manuel Döllefeld, Sylvia Hermann, Johanna Scholz, Janita Volkers, Sebastian Elbe, Vincent Nadin, Alex Wandl, Akki van Nies, Peter Verburg, Derek van Berkel, Trudie Dockerty, Andrew Lovett, Sonia RibeiroAna Firmino

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The content of this report is a deliverable to the FP 7 project RUFUS (Rural future Networks) concerning the case studies made within the project. As a deliverable in a EU framework project it reports extensively on the methods and empirical data collected in the project’s case studies. The work has as an overarching motive to
translate research findings into implications that are relevant for policy makers in the EU. The conclusions from the case studies are therefore of two types – the findings made and the implications they might give for policy making within the field of rural development.
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ISBN (tryckt)978-91-7473-206-1, 978-91-7473-207-8
StatusPublished - 2011


NamnResearch Reports in Human Geography

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This research has been funded by EU’s 7th Framework Programme for small or mediumscale focused research projects, Contract no. CT-2007-217381, RUFUS (Rural Future Networks) project. Its content does not represent the official position of the European Commission and is entirely under the responsibility of the authors.
Project coordinator: Dr. PD. Sylvia Herrmann, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität, Hannover. herrmann@umwelt.uni-hannover.de, project website: www.rufus-eu.de

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