Using distant supervision to build a proposition bank

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Semantic role labeling has become a key module of many language processing applications. To build an unrestricted semantic
role labeler, the first step is to develop a comprehensive proposition bank. However, building such a bank is a costly enterprise,
which has only been achieved for a handful of languages. In this paper, we describe a technique to build proposition banks
for new languages using distant supervision. Starting from PropBank in English and loosely parallel corpora such as versions
of Wikipedia in different languages, we carried out a mapping of semantic propositions we extracted from English to syntactic
structures in Swedish using named entities. We could identify 2,333 predicate–argument frames in Swedish.
StatusPublished - 2014
EvenemangThe Fifth Swedish Language Technology Conference (SLTC 2014) - Uppsala, Sverige
Varaktighet: 2014 nov. 132014 nov. 14


KonferensThe Fifth Swedish Language Technology Conference (SLTC 2014)

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