Well-being and occupational roles among middle-aged women

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One purpose of the present study is to explore the stability of the pattern of health/work and sickness absence among middle-aged women over a period of three years. This study tested two hypotheses: (a) that enduringly healthy working women would perceive more valued occupational roles and higher well-being than long-term sick-listed women; (b) that high levels of well-being at baseline would predict enduring health and occupational role value at a 3-year follow-up. Middle-aged women (n = 208) answered a postal survey with the Role checklist, a well-being scale and questions about work and sickness situation. The results showed that there was a considerable variability in the pattern of health/work and sickness absence. The variability was greatest among the women who were long-term sick-listed at baseline, and the internal drop out was great among them. The results showed that the enduringly healthy women experienced a more valued worker role and higher well-being than the long-term sick-listed women. Furthermore, high levels of well-being concerning health and work predicted enduring health in the studied sample, and high well-being concerning work was predictive of a valued worker role. Interventions that enable women to develop valuable worker and leisure roles, as well as harmony between different roles, may be important constituents of health promotion/rehabilitation programmes.
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TidskriftWork: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment & Rehabilitation
StatusPublished - 2005

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