Wideband Measurements of the Forward RCS and the Extinction Cross Section

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This paper describes the development
of a method based on measurements of the radar
cross section (RCS) amplitude and phase in the
forward direction to determine the extinction cross
section for the 2.5 GHz - 38 GHz frequency range
using the optical theorem. Forward RCS
measurements are technically complicated due to
that the direct signal has to be subtracted from the
total signal at the receiving antenna in order to
extract the forward RCS. The efficiency of this
subtraction as a function of time is evaluated. A
traditional calibration method using a calibration
target and a second method that does not require a
calibration target are investigated and compared.
The accuracy of the forward RCS measurements is
determined using small spheres of different sizes.
The spheres have a forward RCS that is straight
forward to calculate with good accuracy. The
method is also extended to polarimetric
measurements on a small helix that are compared
with method-of-moments calculations to validate
the method.
Sidor (från-till)1145-1152
TidskriftApplied Computational Electromagnetics Society Journal
StatusPublished - 2013

Ämnesklassifikation (UKÄ)

  • Elektroteknik och elektronik


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