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To avoid being detected by radar, it is necessary to reduce stealthy military platforms' radar cross section (RCS). The operation of overlaying the metasurface (MS) on the targets is a good solution. A simple chessboard MS structure that can achieve low RCS over a large bandwidth is proposed. Only one unit cell is used to construct the MS. First, the unit cell working in 0.5 and 1−λ modes is designed to achieve a stable phase difference of 180° for y- and x-polarized waves. Then, the unit cells and rotated ones are used to form a chessboard structure with different distributions. The compared results show that the chessboard MS with 2 × 2 quadrants can facilitate the widest 10 dB RCS reduction band of 111% and the largest RCS reduction. The proposed structure exhibits excellent RCS reduction even when irradiated by y- and x-polarized waves at an oblique incidence of 30°.
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TidskriftJournal of Applied Physics
StatusPublished - 2023 maj 9

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