Women in the public sphere in Egypt: 2011–2014

Imad Rasan

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Through interviews, many documents and secondary data, this dissertation investigates how fifty-four women activists participated in the public sphere in Egypt from the outbreak of the 2011 uprising to the re-emergence of the authoritarian regime in 2014. The women activists studied in the dissertation took part in various counter-publics of social movements, opposition political parties, and civic engagement. Their aim was to influence the political scene at large by participating as women and as citizens in ways that placed their demands within the broader context of the national revolutionary discourse. At the same time, they increased their visibility through participation in the face of various constraints, including the patriarchal order and masculine norms at the family, community, and societal levels while challenging the regime’s repression.

The findings of the dissertation emphasise ‘participation’ as encompassing collectivity – which here refers to the process of accessing the public sphere – and visibility – which refers to the content of this participation thereafter. The findings give us a new perspective on how women pushed gender boundaries in different contexts in the public sphere and how they developed a new agency through which they employed different strategies to overcome their exclusion and marginalisation. The findings show how they consciously resisted acting and being portrayed as agents of a liberal/secular Western discourse or submitting to cultural nationalists and Islamists who regard them as victims of an anticolonial nationalist discourse.
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Tilldelningsdatum2023 jan. 26
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StatusPublished - 2023 jan. 2

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