Word accent gestures in West Swedish

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The generally accepted knowledge of the word accent manifestations in
West Swedish (prototype Gothenburg) predicts a specific pattern of the word
accent gestures common to a great variety of dialects within Götaland. The
generally accepted picture of the word accent distinction is that it is clearly
manifested in the different pitch contours. The main purpose of the present
study was to verify this and gain further insight into how the distinction is
manifested in West Swedish. Contrary to our predictions, the nine different
dialects examined showed no clear word accent distinction concerning the
timing and shape of the pitch contours.
Titel på värdpublikationProceedings from Fonetik 2003 ; Phonum 9
RedaktörerMattias Heldner
FörlagDept. of Philosophy and Linguistics, Univ. Umeå
ISBN (tryckt)91-7305-430-5
StatusPublished - 2003



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