Your Language Escapes Me! Multimodality of a Migrant Life

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This chapter looks at three different cases, which extend from literature to protest, to examine the multimodality of translation and translanguaging in intercultural communication. The cases include excerpts from the novel On Earth We Are Briefly Gorgeous, the graphic novel Persepolis and practices of lip-sewing among refugees, as documented in online media. They represent different communicative events involving migrants and refugees. What stands out in all three cases, despite their differences, is the way those involved resort to modes beyond language—such as gestures, performance and silence—to attract attention and make themselves comprehensible in their non-native language. The movement across languages and beyond language is formulated here as multimodal translanguaging, shown to be a recurrent aspect of migrant and intercultural communication. The cases studied in this chapter are chosen from aesthetic and journalistic representations of such communicative events in an attempt to connect the aesthetic with the everyday and the political. A multimodal approach to intercultural communication is useful in that it can show the extent to which various modes of communication can work as mechanisms of inclusion or exclusion in the life of migrants.

Titel på värdpublikationTranslation and the Global City
Undertitel på värdpublikationBridges and Gateways
RedaktörerJudith Weisz Woodsworth
UtgivningsortNew York
FörlagTaylor & Francis
Antal sidor16
ISBN (elektroniskt)9781000449402
ISBN (tryckt)9780367555689
StatusPublished - 2021
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